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Pansexual Patch

Pansexual Patch

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“Whoa! I love your jacket!”
Is what all the cool queers will be saying when you reach you your final pan punk form with a patch and pin covered denim vest. This pansexual pride patch will fit perfectly on the chest pocket!

•Iron-on - easy to add this iron-on patch to clothes with home iron
•Customizable - add pansexual pride flair to shirts, jeans, jackets, bags and more!
•2.5” tall - a little smaller than a credit card - fits on most pockets

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Iron-on Instructions
1) Turn your iron on to a medium-high heat with no steam and heat up your garment
2) Place the patch on your item and cover with with a clean piece of cotton, like a T-shirt
3) Place your iron so that it completely covers your patch, keeping it still and applying pressure for 60 seconds
4) Allow the patch to cool and check it. If the edges are lifting, iron for another 30 seconds
5) Enjoy your decked out garment! Hand wash, or sew the patch down to machine wash

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