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Bottoms Up Bottle Opener

Bottoms Up Bottle Opener

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Your friend throws the best parties and the bass is blasting on the speakers. You go to snag a beer and… someone’s made off with the bottle opener. No sweat, you have your own! Your crush comes over and grabs a drink. “Can I get that for you?” you offer. “Oh, “bottoms up”? Like the Monster Energy drinks lady? That’s funny!” they smile. And then you get married and live happily ever after. JK. Probably. But having your own bottle opener can be super useful and it makes a great addition to your keychain!

• Thick metal - able to open thousands of bottles and still go strong
• Keychain ring - hang it on your keys, a bag, your belt loop or on your fridge!
• Design - doubles as art and makes a fun conversation piece

Drink responsibly! Don't drink and drive.

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