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Biderman Sticker

Biderman Sticker

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Bi-derman, bi-derman, does whatever a bi-der can, kiss a man, sure why not, also thinks that girls are hot, watch out here comes the bi-derman! This sticker features Biderman from the waist up in a pink, purple, and blue spidey suit winking and giving fingerguns. Underneath it says "bi-derman swings both ways"

●  3.5"x2.75" - the perfect size to slap on a water bottle, phone case, or laptop

● weather-proof vinyl - lasts on your car's bumper, rain or shine

● free US shipping = more dollars for spidey suits

Want to go wild with bisexual pride? Check out all of Gay Nerd Goods’ bi pride merch. More of a sticker addict? Here’s the link to my sticker collection.

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